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前回の「BitSummit 4th」では6,435人の来場者、生放送では世界で約45万近くの視聴者数となり、大きな盛り上がりを見せました。個性あふれるゲームを世界に向けて発信し、また会場では、クリエイターとの交流を経て、より自分たちのゲームを面白くすることができるイベントです。

BitSummit is one of the largest independent-game-centric events in Japan, held in Kyoto each year.
Last year’s “BitSummit 4th” was a big success, attended by 6,435 visitors and its livestreams were viewed by almost 450,000 viewers worldwide.
BitSummit is an event where game developers show their unique games to the world, and the discussion and chemistry between the developers and visitors help the developers polish their games even further.